Top 8 Great Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

Entrepreneurs on TwitterTwitter is not just a place to read up and share on the hottest headlines. It also a perfect place to discover about other entrepreneurs at the same time learn from their wisdom, knowledge, and experience in a format that is easy to digest. Many famous entrepreneurs are now constantly opening up on Q&A sessions, by posting inspiring quotes, tweeting out their latest posts on their blogs and sharing their advice with juicy details and actionable insights. Here are the top 8 Great Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter:

1. James Altucher

James Altucher is an entrepreneur and Business investor with a long list of both successes and failures that make up his amazing entrepreneurial record of accomplishment. He is never afraid to share these experiences candidly. On Twitter, he always shares numerous of interesting quotes and pictures and carries out weekly Q&A sessions with his followers to learn about, failures, depression, comebacks, and heartbreak among more.

2. Dave Morin

Dave Morin is an entrepreneur and investor. He is CEO and co-founder of an innovative ad-free social app called Path. With more interests in technology, you will always learn more about them especially when you need to improve your knowledge on technology via social networking. On Twitter, he always shares inspirational quotes, news about Path, the music he loves listening to, and intriguing news stories among others.

3. Mark King

Mark King is an affiliate who have been making an insane amount of money. He is the owner of the A Florida and has been making over $400,000 in a year from just offering affiliate marketing. He started the year 2000 and since then, he has grown in the industry to be among those whom you can hire whenever you do need these services. He has a wealth of experience in internet marketing that makes him among the highly rated affiliate marketers that many can hire today. On Twitter, he always shares about affiliate marketing.

4. Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins started working as an online marketer in the year 1999 and since the year he started, he has grown especially when looking for these options within the market. He makes close to half a million dollars in a year from the internet marketing services that she does. He is an editor and blogger making huge amounts of money from affiliate marketing. He runs several blogs that make him huge amounts of money. On Twitter, he always tells news about online marketing while encouraging his followers.

5. Kristy Maccubbin

Kristy Maccubbin is a blogger and innovator. She is one of the highly rated bloggers who work as affiliate whenever the companies want to their advertising on her blogs or websites. She started in the year 2004 and since then, she has won many awards as one of the personalities that write informative blogs for the people who need a certain type of information about them. On her twitter, she always shares on her blogs, digital marketing tips, and affiliate marketing.

6. Ali Brown

Ali Brown is known as Entrepreneurial Pundit for Women. Her focus has always been to help women in the business arena and leadership. She always interviews successful female entrepreneurs. Brown continues to show up on a selection of reputable business podcasts. On her on the Twitter account, you will find free resources, quotes, business tips, advice and much more.

7. Steve Blank

Steve Blank is an entrepreneur in New York City with many small start-ups within the city. He has a booming Silicon Valley that involved in many startups. He has helped many people start their small businesses across the city. On his Twitter, Blank shares detail-rich blog posts, his various talks, invitations to the fireside chats, pictures, and speaking engagements. You will never cease to learn every day when you follow him.

8. Caterina Fake

Caterina Fake is the CEO and founder of Findery, which is a site that can you to share the favorite locations worldwide and the co-founder of Flickr & Hunch. Many people know her as an angel investor. On her Twitter, you will get interesting articles right from across the web, quotes, comments on her news items, and stories from Finder and more.

In conclusion, the above are the top 8 Great Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter if you want to learn more about the business today.

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