Emerging Tech Markets

Digital technology is an essential factor in our daily lives. In the past decade whether its smartphones, cloud computing or multi-touch tablets all these innovative products have revolutionized the way we look and work which ultimately make the world fit into our hands. Thanks to the several years of experimenting and patterns of strange human behaviors, we can simply make interesting predictions that what the world will look like after many decades. You believe it or not we are just getting started and in the future, these technologies will look like wonder as we have seen in the friction movies in our childhood. Innovative companies like Apple, Blackberry, Samsung are announcing day by day technologies that even we cannot think for. Here is the list of few interesting technology markets that will make you wonder: –

• Google Glass
One of the most interesting technology is the Augmented Reality which is in the form of an educational app, but the Google is taking all the major steps to take this technology on a higher note with the Google glass. You can easily do all the activities with the Google map in the fraction of seconds like viewing social media feeds, text, google map simultaneously by navigating with the GPS and take photos as well. This device is costly and available to only some of the developers with a price tag of more than $1400.
• Form 1
Form 1 is a kind of 3D printing technology that helps you to forge your digital design into a solid real life product. It is not new but an advanced mechanical industry technology or in other words your personalized 3D printer which will ultimately boost the market strategy. One of a unique features of this technology is that you do not need any eminent manufacturer to create your product, and you can create your product based on its size and design, so basically you do not need any approval from anyone.
• Oculus Rift
This technology market is a unique entity for the people who wants to play video games in the real world. In other words, Oculus Rift is the 3D headset that makes you feel that you are actually inside the video game. Other features do include high-resolution display by using the ultra-low latency technology. This product is called as the beginning of the next generation gaming and easily available in the market with a price tag of $299.

• Leap Motion
Leap Motion technology is nothing but lets you control; the desktop with your fingers only and that too without touching the screen with your hands. It is not like the motion sensor. Leap motion also allows you to scroll the web page, zoom in the map, sign the documents; you can even play the first shooter games only by using your hands. You can also use this motion with oculus rift technology. This feature will come at a smart price range of $70 with a premium PS3 game.

• Eye tribe technology
One of the most upcoming innovative technology is the eye tribble which is very challenging to implement. Developers have created the technology that will let you control all your devices like tablet, playing fight simulator or playing games like fruit ninja only through the movement of your eyes. It is nothing but a common eye tracking technology which combats with the front facing camera that makes the things happen with the movement of eyes only. These companies currently want to seek the partnerships of sci-fi tech to make this technology too awesome to fail.
• Social purchasing
Years ago Facebook ads offered a kind of social purchasing that increased the demands for profits on the social media. But in the coming years, it is estimated that social media will stand as an innovative technology market that will let to make online money easily and within few days. For instance, by clicking on ads, filling online surveys, solving captcha are becoming popular, and people are earning good amount of money from it these days.

• Live streaming improvements
By introducing live streaming videos on the website, employers are marketing and attracting millions of people on their website which ultimately helping them to make their product famous without spending much more costs in advertisements and marketing. Shortly this technology will give the employers much opportunities to earn the good money.