Three invaluable benefits of sales training

Whereas many business people think it is unnecessary to do sales training, the reality is very different. Sales training programs are the primary courses that will earn significant benefits to you and your business. The programs are imperative both for the entire business and your employee. For the success of your business ventures, you need to invest in the better courses that are offered by sales training companies which are well known. Are you looking for benefits of undertaking these courses? Below are three invaluable benefits of sales training.

1. Improves the customer service

One thing about business that you need to know is that customer service and sales are integrally linked. Apparently, many other business persons and professionals don’t know this. Nevertheless, skill-developing and sales training courses are what all of you as the owners of businesses need. Through these programs, your team of employees is empowered, and they acquire the skills to communicate well. The training will enable your team to interact and react to the needs of your clients making them respond accordingly.

2. Increases sales

Everyone wants to maximize their profits and generate more sales for their business. If you feel the same, just take part in the effective sales training programs. A practical course will help your team of experts to convert the generated leads to actual sales. For sure, a reputable training will give your business employees a better understanding of the sales processes. Their acquired skills and knowledge will help your business to realize more profits and increased sales.

3. Cross-selling and up-selling

Just allow your sales persons to gauge the purchase habits of your clients and your sales will be maximized. Some well-known sales training companies will help your sales team understand what the customers require from the business. Besides, they will be able to provide the clients with services and products that will meet their needs accordingly.

When your sales team are armed with the require skills and expertise, they will be able to create the needs of your clients first. They will then provide goods and services that will make them contented and satisfied. Without a doubt, your customers will be happy, and that will improve your profits and sales.

For you to get more benefits from sales training courses, just go for a sales training consultancy that will cater for all your needs.

How does SEO fit into modern eCommerce

eCommerce is now past infancy, advancement of technology has lead to major changes in the business wold providing businesses better way to promote, sell and distribute products and services. Consumers have also adopted a new way through which they consume products and services. The consumer buying behavior have been significantly impacted by the web, the modern consumer searches for products on the web before purchasing them, the customer compares different products, prices and other attributes from different vendors. Search engine technology is an integral factor when it comes to e-commerce. The larger picture of e-commerce is affected by search engines and search engine optimization (SEO), in the present day, consumer buying process begins with the search for products and services where most of the consumers use search engines as the primary method to search for goods and / or services. SEO, or ‘Search engine optimization’ which is the process of making products, services or business more visible on search engines making it easy for the consumers to find them. In this article we explore how SEO impacts on e-commerce and answer the question, how does SEO fit into modern eCommerce?

Giving products, brands, and business more exposure

Businesses compete to be closer to the customers; this is because of the closer and more exposure the business is the higher the likelihood of the customers purchasing from them. As with the tradition business setup, in e-commerce, it is crucial for the businesses to be close to the customers, to be easily found. Online presence is an essential ingredient in the eCommerce, but there are millions of web pages on the web making it difficult for businesses to overcome this digital noise. SEO helps the business overcome the digital noise on the web and reach the relevant audience. Search engine optimization helps put the businesses and brands in the spotlight where the customers can easily find them, exposure on the web helps the business compete favorably and position itself in the market.

Market targeting

eCommerce have revolutionized the world of business and marketing, but the core marketing concepts that make every business thrive do not change much. Targeting is the for effective marketing hence the performance of businesses. SEO is one of the major tools that help business target different markets and consumers. SEO offers new and effective ways to target consumers; modern search engines are helping e-commerce enterprises target specific groups of consumers with regard different factors like age, likes and interests, geographical location, gender among other factors. Search engines go further to enable businesses to target customers using specific devices such as mobile, tablets or desktops. SEO is making e-commerce develop by creating a targeted virtual market.

EcommerceSEO opens doors to customers ( generating traffic )

Getting customers and reaching new ones is the goal of every business. SEO offers a modern day way of reaching customers and prospects and companies like this vancouver seo specialist develop strategies to create better availability of professional SEO practices to businesses. E-commerce enterprise leverage the capability of search engines to reach current and new customers. SEO is a major channel though which websites get traffic; SEO makes it easy for the business to get relevant traffic that is interested in what the enterprise is offering. To compete on online platforms businesses have to get customers who can purchase from them, search engine optimization helps businesses gain more relevant traffic.

Market positioning

Consumer’s perception of a brand about other related brands affects the performance of that brand in the market. From the old days, business has struggled to position their products and services in a clear and advantageous position in the consumer mind. The positioning of products affects how competitive they are in the market and their overall performance. SEO help e-commerce enterprises position themselves as the ideal solution to consumer needs; it helps them gain a competitive edge.
Search engines offer paid search which helps the e-commerce enterprises to promote their products and services. One tip is to use to place all of your resources in one place! Paid search offers an effective way to promote products and services to relevant markets, the major advantages of this type of promotion is the fact that unlike the old form of promotion that does not allow for targeting, paid search ads are targeted, and only the relevant audience gets to see them.
Search engine optimization Takes a significant role in eCommerce; it has enabled eCommerce to thrive by helping the players to offer better services to customers. SEO affects the success of individual success and competitiveness of e-commerce firms.

Recent Business News

• US factory activities on a sharp downfall for the first time in six months
US manufacturing units contracted last month, and they have started cutting jobs for their employees. It is estimated by the Institute for Supply Management said that its manufacturing units have dropped to 49.4 in August from 52.6 in July. The report also suggests that they will continue to struggle because business spends less on machinery, computers and other large equipment. One of the surprising factors is that the Auto sales have leveled off this year after breaking all the records in 2015. It is estimated that employment rate is felling to 48.3 which shows the sign that manufacturers are laying down off the workers at a fast rate.
Money Bundles• US anti-dumping decision on Chinese truck and bus tires – Abuse of trade measures
China’s ministry of commerce on this Friday said that the US preliminary anti-dumping rules which are targeting the “Chinese truck and bus tires are an abuse of trade measures.”
On the response of the Chinese Ministry, US commerce department said that the tires of trucks and buses were being dumped in the United States from China and that below the market price, which is becoming a serious threat to the US economy.
Shen said that the United States has continuously imposing anti-dumping measures on the Chinese tire exports since 2007 and these measures are strongly affecting the Chinese customers. So Shen called a negotiated resolution on trade issues.
In response, the US Commerce Department said that that they will settle this negotiation on the anti-dumping measures no later than 17th January 2017 but these preliminary determination means that they will instruct the US Customs and Border protection to deposit the cash deposits by these preliminary rates only.
• Egypt and India shake hands to set up security cooperation
Egypt and India decided together that apart from security cooperation they will join hands to expand trade and commercial ties to explore the untapped economic opportunities in the two countries.
Prime Minister Narender Modi and Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had talks covering the entire expenses of the defense and security to deal with the challenges of the terrorism and radicalization. An important agreement named MOU on the maritime shipping between the two countries had also been signed. Prime Minister Narender Modi said that the two countries agreed on the special agenda termed as “action-oriented agenda.”
• Cloud-based Dropbox hacked millions of passwords leaked on the internet
It is estimated that the cloud-based company Dropbox hacked almost more than 67 million passwords that leaked on the internet. In 2012 the company has also warned all of its users that if they use the same password anywhere on the internet, they do have the risk of leaking it online, so to avoid this threat company advice all of its users to change the password to protect their accounts.

• CEO of Apple Inc. said that Apple might repatriate at least $5 billion in 2017
In an interview with Irish radio, Time Crook suggested that Apple may take more than $5 billion of its offshore funds into the United States next year. It is also said that the major giant Apple can credit all the tax it pays in foreign countries against the 35% it must pay to return its offshore profits.
Figures by the company estimated that it had $232 billion in cash at the end of June, and almost more than 214$ was kept outside the US only.
• Samsung notes seven issues over explosive batteries
Samsung Electronics is recalling its Galaxy Note seven smartphones and said that it’s the batteries which cause the problem and catching fires.
South Korean businesses, in contrast, are replacing the versions of the note and giving the new ones in exchange the faulty Galaxy seven note.
The president of the Samsung’s mobile business Koh Dong-jin said that there are very tiny problems in the manufacturing process of the phone which are very difficult to figure out. So replacing with the new one is the only option left with them.
• Pound Jumps as the manufacturing activities rebounds in the UK
Surveys have conducted, and they indicate a major jump in the value of the pound as Uk’s manufacturing sector rebounded strongly in August.
It is shown by the Purchasing Manager’s Index(PMI) because the sector raises to 53.2 from July figure to 48.3 and the figure of more than 50 indicates that the expansion is great for the industries.

Emerging Tech Markets

Digital technology is an essential factor in our daily lives. In the past decade whether its smartphones, cloud computing or multi-touch tablets all these innovative products have revolutionized the way we look and work which ultimately make the world fit into our hands. Thanks to the several years of experimenting and patterns of strange human behaviors, we can simply make interesting predictions that what the world will look like after many decades. You believe it or not we are just getting started and in the future, these technologies will look like wonder as we have seen in the friction movies in our childhood. Innovative companies like Apple, Blackberry, Samsung are announcing day by day technologies that even we cannot think for. Here is the list of few interesting technology markets that will make you wonder: –

• Google Glass
One of the most interesting technology is the Augmented Reality which is in the form of an educational app, but the Google is taking all the major steps to take this technology on a higher note with the Google glass. You can easily do all the activities with the Google map in the fraction of seconds like viewing social media feeds, text, google map simultaneously by navigating with the GPS and take photos as well. This device is costly and available to only some of the developers with a price tag of more than $1400.
• Form 1
Form 1 is a kind of 3D printing technology that helps you to forge your digital design into a solid real life product. It is not new but an advanced mechanical industry technology or in other words your personalized 3D printer which will ultimately boost the market strategy. One of a unique features of this technology is that you do not need any eminent manufacturer to create your product, and you can create your product based on its size and design, so basically you do not need any approval from anyone.
• Oculus Rift
This technology market is a unique entity for the people who wants to play video games in the real world. In other words, Oculus Rift is the 3D headset that makes you feel that you are actually inside the video game. Other features do include high-resolution display by using the ultra-low latency technology. This product is called as the beginning of the next generation gaming and easily available in the market with a price tag of $299.

• Leap Motion
Leap Motion technology is nothing but lets you control; the desktop with your fingers only and that too without touching the screen with your hands. It is not like the motion sensor. Leap motion also allows you to scroll the web page, zoom in the map, sign the documents; you can even play the first shooter games only by using your hands. You can also use this motion with oculus rift technology. This feature will come at a smart price range of $70 with a premium PS3 game.

• Eye tribe technology
One of the most upcoming innovative technology is the eye tribble which is very challenging to implement. Developers have created the technology that will let you control all your devices like tablet, playing fight simulator or playing games like fruit ninja only through the movement of your eyes. It is nothing but a common eye tracking technology which combats with the front facing camera that makes the things happen with the movement of eyes only. These companies currently want to seek the partnerships of sci-fi tech to make this technology too awesome to fail.
• Social purchasing
Years ago Facebook ads offered a kind of social purchasing that increased the demands for profits on the social media. But in the coming years, it is estimated that social media will stand as an innovative technology market that will let to make online money easily and within few days. For instance, by clicking on ads, filling online surveys, solving captcha are becoming popular, and people are earning good amount of money from it these days.

• Live streaming improvements
By introducing live streaming videos on the website, employers are marketing and attracting millions of people on their website which ultimately helping them to make their product famous without spending much more costs in advertisements and marketing. Shortly this technology will give the employers much opportunities to earn the good money.

Top 8 Great Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

Entrepreneurs on TwitterTwitter is not just a place to read up and share on the hottest headlines. It also a perfect place to discover about other entrepreneurs at the same time learn from their wisdom, knowledge, and experience in a format that is easy to digest. Many famous entrepreneurs are now constantly opening up on Q&A sessions, by posting inspiring quotes, tweeting out their latest posts on their blogs and sharing their advice with juicy details and actionable insights. Here are the top 8 Great Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter:

1. James Altucher

James Altucher is an entrepreneur and Business investor with a long list of both successes and failures that make up his amazing entrepreneurial record of accomplishment. He is never afraid to share these experiences candidly. On Twitter, he always shares numerous of interesting quotes and pictures and carries out weekly Q&A sessions with his followers to learn about, failures, depression, comebacks, and heartbreak among more.

2. Dave Morin

Dave Morin is an entrepreneur and investor. He is CEO and co-founder of an innovative ad-free social app called Path. With more interests in technology, you will always learn more about them especially when you need to improve your knowledge on technology via social networking. On Twitter, he always shares inspirational quotes, news about Path, the music he loves listening to, and intriguing news stories among others.

3. Mark King

Mark King is an affiliate who have been making an insane amount of money. He is the owner of the A Florida and has been making over $400,000 in a year from just offering affiliate marketing. He started the year 2000 and since then, he has grown in the industry to be among those whom you can hire whenever you do need these services. He has a wealth of experience in internet marketing that makes him among the highly rated affiliate marketers that many can hire today. On Twitter, he always shares about affiliate marketing.

4. Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins started working as an online marketer in the year 1999 and since the year he started, he has grown especially when looking for these options within the market. He makes close to half a million dollars in a year from the internet marketing services that she does. He is an editor and blogger making huge amounts of money from affiliate marketing. He runs several blogs that make him huge amounts of money. On Twitter, he always tells news about online marketing while encouraging his followers.

5. Kristy Maccubbin

Kristy Maccubbin is a blogger and innovator. She is one of the highly rated bloggers who work as affiliate whenever the companies want to their advertising on her blogs or websites. She started in the year 2004 and since then, she has won many awards as one of the personalities that write informative blogs for the people who need a certain type of information about them. On her twitter, she always shares on her blogs, digital marketing tips, and affiliate marketing.

6. Ali Brown

Ali Brown is known as Entrepreneurial Pundit for Women. Her focus has always been to help women in the business arena and leadership. She always interviews successful female entrepreneurs. Brown continues to show up on a selection of reputable business podcasts. On her on the Twitter account, you will find free resources, quotes, business tips, advice and much more.

7. Steve Blank

Steve Blank is an entrepreneur in New York City with many small start-ups within the city. He has a booming Silicon Valley that involved in many startups. He has helped many people start their small businesses across the city. On his Twitter, Blank shares detail-rich blog posts, his various talks, invitations to the fireside chats, pictures, and speaking engagements. You will never cease to learn every day when you follow him.

8. Caterina Fake

Caterina Fake is the CEO and founder of Findery, which is a site that can you to share the favorite locations worldwide and the co-founder of Flickr & Hunch. Many people know her as an angel investor. On her Twitter, you will get interesting articles right from across the web, quotes, comments on her news items, and stories from Finder and more.

In conclusion, the above are the top 8 Great Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter if you want to learn more about the business today.

I leave you with this.